When one is declared disabled and is under 65, he can still qualify for Medicare provided he has registered everything as per the company requirement otherwise, some penalties go hand in hand with noncompliance of full registration.  In this arrangement, one is expected to wait for two years from the time of registration for medicate to be active. This cover can be successful through the current employment that one is in since even though one is disabled and still working, the employer is fully liable for the cover.

At the maturity of the waiting period which, the disabled person has the option to get other benefits such as Medicare part D. Should a person leave employment due to permanent disability, then in this instance they are eligible to join Medicare through an option well known as Cobra which helps in the extension of the eligibility from the employer. There are also instances where one is unable to meet the premiums through COBRA, the state has another program called Medicaid which is offered at a negotiated rate and will still be effective as the Medicare.  In this instance, Medicare becomes active after 25 months from the date you receive an SSDI check and Medicare will automatically begin from the first month when you receive the check because you have the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.  The other option in which one qualifies for Medicare under 65 is when you have kidney failure. It’s also called the End-stage renal disease. This one qualifies if the below-listed conditions are observed.

  1. If you have already started the dialysis treatment and have already had a kidney transplant.
  2. If you have applied for medical benefits for a continuous 12 months.
  3. If you are also eligible to qualify for the SSDI check
  4. If your dependents are your spouse or parents have been paying taxes for Medicare without fail, then you are considered.

However, some conditions need the intervention of the Social security; for instance, the rail road works must get approved by the social security before qualifying.  A spouse who is 62 and above also qualifies to have Medicare insurance if the husband is the one who is employed and has already retired and has signed up for Medicare. This one also needs you to check with the social security for approval.


One does not have to remain silent if the condition s that allow him to qualify for Medicare under six hits. Ensure that you follow up with the relevant authorities, and you will receive all the support required.  There are a few states that also have Medicare Supplemental plans for people that are on Medicare under 65.  Make sure to check in your state.